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Rejuran Healer– Heal & Protect Yourself from Ageing

Rejuran Healer– Heal & Protect Yourself From Ageing


As you age, wrinkles and saggy skin become your worst enemies. Your skin gradually loses its ability to stay firm. More pores appear on your face, and existing pores increase in size.


As we get older, most of us start considering plastic surgery. We want our skin to go back to the way it was – healthy and free of wrinkles. But there are just too many risks associated with plastic surgery.


And that is where Rejuran Healer comes in. Rejuran Healer is an injectable treatment that was developed in South Korea. Nicknamed the “baby skin injection”, its main function is to keep your skin smooth and healthy.


Rejuran lets you get ahead of, and in some cases, reverse the signs of ageing.


What Is Rejuran Healer?


It is a minimally invasive anti-ageing treatment. By using injections, it can trigger cell growth and collagen production in the skin.


Collagen and elastin are a vital part of your skin’s structure. Collagen depletes as you age which is why you get wrinkles and saggy skin when you grow older.


Rejuran Healer can reduce those wrinkles and tighten up your skin.


It also makes your skin very hydrated.


Your skin will look healthier, brighter and younger.


What About Skin Boosters?


Most skin boosters use natural ingredients found in our bodies. The boosters use these ingredients to help boost your skin hydration levels. Most boosters do not promote the production of more collagen in your skin.


Rejuran Healer, on the other hand, is made up of salmon DNA that is safe and compatible with our bodies. It focuses more on skin repair and rejuvenation. It does hydrate the skin as well.


It restores the body to the way it used to be when you were younger. You will be able to notice the anti-ageing effects.


Skin boosters focus on treating the problems of ageing while Rejuran Healer heals and reverses the process of ageing.


How Does Rejuran Healer Work?


It contains polynucleotides (PN/PDRN) made from salmon DNA. These are the active ingredients that help your skin produce collagen. Collagen helps your skin heal and gain its youthful look from within.


As your skin becomes healthier than before, cells will regrow and repair faster. This process will also help your face regulate oil production. Collagen will also make the structure of the skin stronger. Firmer, more taut skin will reduce wrinkles. Some of us even notice some of the acne scars clearing up.


Rejuran also has a hydrating element to it. Injecting Rejuran into the deep layers of the skin helps to hydrate all three layers of your skin. The hydration is why you will achieve soft and smooth looking skin, almost like a baby’s skin.


Which areas does Rejuran Healer treat?


Your face or neck are the ideal areas for Rejuran Healer.


What Is The Procedure Like? 


Firstly, the clinician will apply numbing cream to your face. After 20 mins, the clinician will remove the cream.


Rejuran Healer can be injected via an injection gun or by manual injections with a very thin needle. The injection method will depend on your skin condition. A doctor or a medical professional will administer the injections.


The process will take around 10-15 mins for your entire face. You might feel a little more discomfort when injected in areas of the face that have thinner skin. Areas like the mouth might be a little more uncomfortable.


After the treatment is over, you are free to head back home or resume your day. There is little to no downtime.


Does it Hurt?


The clinicians will apply numbing cream to minimize the discomfort. Though carried out by experienced doctors, there will still be a little discomfort during the injections.


You might face a little discomfort for areas with thinner skin. The discomfort levels, though, are generally tolerable for most people.


How About Recovery?


Immediately after the injections, there may be some redness and bumps on the injection sites. These will disappear within a few hours.


You might want to avoid the following for the next few days:

  • Applying thick make-up
  • Prolonged exposure to the sunlight
  • Facial Massage
  • Vigorous exercise

These tips are to prevent any damage to the skin and clogging of injection sites.


Are There Any Side Effects?


Salmon DNA is highly compatible with human DNA. Therefore, the injections will have no complications to your immune system.


The components that make up the Rejuran Healer are very similar to that of our body. Hence it is very safe and unproblematic.


There are no severe side effects from this treatment.


When Can I Expect Results?


You will notice improvements to your skin within the 1st week. Your skin will feel softer and hydrated. Rejuran will even help you to reduce pores on your skin.


In the next month, you will continue to see improvements. Your skin will look brighter and regain its youthful glow. Wrinkles and sagging will also look less noticeable.


To ensure that your skin is kept healthy and radiant, we advise most of our clients to start with at least 3 sessions.


It would help if you did spread the sessions out to do one session every 4 weeks. After that, you should do 1 session every 6 months to maintain the effects. This will allow you to stay ahead of the ageing process.


Results may vary according to the individual due to genetic and environmental factors.


Rejuran Healer focuses only on skin repair and improvement. It does not change the face shape like plastic surgeries.


So, you should not expect your facial features to look different.


How Does Pricing Work?


Each session costs $298.


Who Is Suitable For Rejuran Healer?


If you are starting to get wrinkles and sagging on your face, this treatment is suitable.


It is also suitable for people suffering from acne scars and poor skin texture. Rejuran Healer is great for those who have dry skin and even skin conditions such as eczema.


Come down for a consultation with our experienced doctors. After chatting with you, they can advise a suitable treatment.


Rejuvenate And Reverse Ageing With Rejuran Healer


Rejuran Healer is safe and minimally invasive. There is no downtime after the surgery, and the side effects will be gone after a few hours.


There will be no severe complications as the injections used are very compatible with your body.


Rejuran is ideal in fighting the ageing process because it boosts collagen production and skin hydration. Your skin will repair and restore itself.


You will find that wrinkles, pores, and sagging skin are starting to disappear. Your face will look radiant and feel much younger.


You can protect your skin and reverse the signs of ageing at the same time.

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